Wholly Committed

i have a planLast week I read the 4th chapter of What Happens When Women Say Yes to God for the online Bible Study that I am doing through Proverbs31 and was once again aware of God’s presence.   The chapter is entitled “You never know how God will use you until you let him.”     As you can see the title alone is enough to scare a person, especially one that has been clearly feeling a nudge or two from God over that last couple of weeks.

Great chapter, but there was one quote that caught my attention.

“Will the next page in your life be filled with doubts and distractions? Or will it be filled with discovering the blessing of answering God’s call on your life?” (page63 Kindle version)

The words seem to leap off the page to me.   Will I continue to doubt and be distracted by things of this world?  Or will I be filled with the overwhelming sense that I am following God’s will?  These questions stayed with me for several days as I went through a very busy week.

I went to write this blog a week ago and looked at the question that was posed after the title Wholly Committed — Is God calling you to a deeper level of commitment?   Has God been nudging me to deepen my commitment to him?   I am not sure.

So in looking at my commitment to God, I considered a couple of documents that I have signed.   A couple of covenants that I have made with God in the last 20 years.    In The Salvation Army there are soldiers which sign a covenant committing to several promises.   While this is through The Salvation Army, it is made with God.    It is not a decision that is made lightly, but done after classes are attended and much prayers.    I signed my in 1994.   I spend some time in reading the covenant that hangs in my office and praying about these promises.   God highlighted one in particular for me.

“I will be responsive to the Holy Spirit’s work and obedient to His leading in my life, growing in grace through worship, prayer, service and the reading of the Bible.  I will make the values of the Kingdom of God and not the values of the world the standard for my life.”

I will be responsive and obedient.    A big commitment that was freely made.   Part of the responsive and obedient part lead to the second covenant.  Have I been fulfilling this promise.  I think I have.  BUT, I have not been going deep enough.  After so many conversations with God over the last few weeks, I realize that this is what he is calling me to — to go deeper.   What that means I am not sure.

On Thursday of last week I attended the installation service for our new divisional leaders.  (For those non-Army people, this happens when officers (pastors) get transferred to a new appointment).   It is a great service of reflection and recommitment as many officers (pastors) gather to support their leaders.   As I sat there, I thought of the second covenant that I signed in June 2006 — My Officer’s Covenant.   Signing this covenant was done after much prayer, reflection, prayer, studies, prayer and probably some ‘discussions’ with God.    It was during the signing of this covenant that ‘I bind myself to him in this solemn covenant.’   I am bound to God.

Covenants made with God are never taken lightly — nor should they be.   We could look into the covenants made in the Old Testament.    God calls his people to do things, but most of all he calls us to commit fully to him.   I think of one of my favourite verses from Jeremiah.

“For I know the plans for you”, says the Lord.  “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” In those days when you pray, I will listen.  If you look for me in earnest, you will find me when you seek me.” (29:11-13, NLT)

I love the hope that this verses include.   God’s plans for me (and you) are good.   But, we have to seek him in earnest.   To me when I read this version, I love the use of the word ‘earnest’.   Which I did look up and it states ‘intense conviction’.   What a great way to refer to how I should be seeking God!    Seeking him with an intense conviction.   That is my new goal.    I need to be bold when I seek him and not be so fearful of what he may ask me to do.

It is easy for me to just get busy doing things that I ignore God’s prompting in my life.   I guess I could say that I tend to have the selective hearing when it comes to God.   I am praying for clarity and obedience as he continues to speak to me daily.

God is commited to me, now I have to show my commitment by being responsive and obedient.

Look out world, another woman is saying Yes to God!!!

fully committed

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3 thoughts on “Wholly Committed

  1. Erin OBS Group Leader

    Thank you for sharing your commitments to God with us and what He is saying to you today! Praying that He give you focus and guidance in your journey.

  2. Thanks for sharing Stephanie, great blog ,commitment is evident for you to do this after the busy weeks you have been through. I like that version of Jeremiah 29:11. I like the word earnest in there too. This stood out to me and spoke to me ” God is commited to me, now I have to show my commitment by being responsive and obedient.” Wow that really hit home. Blessings my friend as you continue to journey in saying Yes God.

  3. Kathy Leblanc

    I am so happy you decided to post this blog. It is an inspiration, I agree covenants are very serious and in reading how many were in the Old Testament, I wonder if we should be prayerfully considering making more covenants with the Lord. I myself have never written out a covenant but I will be studying and praying about it now. Blessings to you on this deeper journey.

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