A Whole New World

It’s the start of a new year.  A fresh start to set goals and make changes.   I have stopped making New Year Resolutions as they don’t last.   Even setting goals doesn’t always end up getting done.   But 2014 is going to be different.

Over the last few days I have reflected on 2013 and all of its blessings and challenges.   The one question that I have been asking myself is ‘Am I a better person, have I grown over the last 12 months.?’    I am sure I would get a positive answer from my hubby, but I tend to be a more critical than him in this area.   Honestly, I think I have grown closer to God during the difficult growth moments of the past year and for that I am celebrating.   I still have a ways to go.

So here’s my plan!

I have always wanted to read through the Bible in a study, reflective way.   I have read it through before a couple of times but it was just to read it and get it done.   I felt that some reading plans rushed you through the texts, not giving you enough time to really reflect, take in what God was saying.

A friend and fellow OBS girl has come to my aid.   She blogged about a reading plan 5x5x5 Reading plan from Discipleship Journal.   I looked at it and LOVE IT!!!    It is reading the whole NT in 2014.

What does the 5x5x5 stand for?   5 minutes a day, 5 days a week and 5 ways to dig deeper!    So easy, and fits into my hour with God in the morning very nicely.

I am confident now that I can do this, but could alway use prayers!

My plan is not only to journal through this year, but also to blog occasionally what God is saying to me during this time.

Today I read the first chapter of Mark’s gospel and three things jumped out at me.

First,  I need to spend time alone with God in prayer every morning (verse 35).  Secondly, I need dig deeper into his Word and truly develop a strong, deep relationship with him so that I can truly know him.  (verse 24).  And lastly, that as I do the first two items, I will become amazed at God’s greatness. (verse 22).

Chapter 1 of Mark is packed with messages from God.   These were just what I need to hear today.   For me it confirmed that my focus for all areas of my life is clearly on God.   A perfect way to start a new day, a new year.

Be blessed!

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