A New Focus –

I need a new focus.  What does this imply?   That my current focus is bad or wrong?   As I think about this new year and where I want my focus to be I have come to the conclusion that I don’t necessary need a new focus, but a clearer focus.

I need to clear out the clutter in all areas of my life.   So this past week while I have had some time off, I have started to clean out cupboards of unused, unwanted items.   I love looking at a cupboard that is organized!    As I was cleaning out one of the many ‘junk’ drawers  in the kitchen (yes, there was more than one!), I came across some art work that William had done at church awhile back.     It was a ‘speak’ balloon (like the ones used in cartoons) that had a very important message on it.   It said ‘GO TELL’.    That was it, just the two words.  When I asked him if he remember what this was about, he very calmly said that we are to Go Tell others about Jesus.    Impressed that he remembered and gave thanks to our youth worker that comes up with these lessons.

Go Tell…

Well, over the last few days I have been doing the readings through the book of Mark.  Today I read chapter four.  But I took a moment to reflect back over the last three chapters and what God has been saying to me through these stories of Jesus.

The biggest message that I heard was that there are a lot of people still needing to hear the Gospel message and we, as Christians, need to be telling it.  We need to Go Tell.    It came through in several of the stories the importance of not giving up on the unsaved, the unbelievers, but to continue to plant seeds.

Another important message that I read today was the encouraging words to let my light shine all the time.  Not to hide it, but to be who I am in Christ in all circumstances, not to blend into the environment or crowd.  But to remain shining bright.   This further encouraged me to continue to focus on spending more time in the Scriptures this year and less time doing meaningless things (TV, facebook).

Mark ends chapter four with a story that gives us assurance that Jesus is with us during all the storms of life.    Jesus reminds the disciples (and us) that we should not be afraid when experiencing difficulties, we just need to continue to have faith in him.

“And he asked them, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still not have faith in me?” (Mark 4:40, NLT).

As I continue to go forth and tell others about Jesus, I will hold firm to the faith that he is with me and be who he created me to be.

Have a blessed day!

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