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Growth Needed

As I have read through the first six chapters of the book of Hebrews I was reminded of the importance of continual growth during my spiritual journey.

Chapter 1:
In this chapter we are reminded that God puts his son first. This made me think of what do I put first in my life. I think that most days God is a priority in my life, but honestly, He is one of a few. Trusting in God at all times and turning to him first in all circumstances is an on-going battle with my independent spirit. I am getting there, but still have a ways to go.

Chapter 2:
This chapter is all about comfort and safety for me. It tells how we are placed under the angels. The visual I got while reading it was one of the multitude of angels spreading their wings protecting me, keeping me safe. It is very reassuring that God values us so much that he places us this close to his angels. The other key message for me was found in verse 18. No matter what I am going through, he understands as he has experienced it. There is no need for me to worry about the situation or even worry about telling him about it as he understands. Nothing is too small for God to care about.

Chapter 3:
I found this chapter to be on the similar path as chapter one. It is all about my focus. My focus needs to be on Jesus all the time. This chapter reminds us what happened to the people that Moses lead to the Promise Land who never got to entered it as they took their eyes off The Lord. I feel that over the last several years this is an area that I have grown in. I am feeling more connected when making decisions and in most situations that my eyes are firmly fixed on Jesus.

Chapter 4:
This chapter is always a challenge for me. It is about the importance of Sabbath rest. I get very frustrated with myself as I don’t think that I ever take a full day to just rest in his presence. I have been told by others that even a half day rest is better than none. But God really stresses the importance of a Sabbath rest. I am learning to take longer periods of time, but I always seem to come up with excuses for not doing it. It was interesting with this chapter as it was about rest and also about the Word of God being active. His Word is alive and active, but in order to truly discover these truths, I need to be resting in his presence. It all makes sense, just difficult to put into practice.

Chapter 5:
I like the truth in this chapter about people being chosen among the people for certain tasks/jobs, in this case the role of the high priest, but that they are appointed by God. In thinking my ministry, I believe that this is true. While the leaders of The Salvation Army may have chosen my husband and I to be in Chatham-Kent, I truly feel that God was the one who appointed us here. It is through this appointment of God that I gather my strength and purpose. In the last six years as I have grown closer to him, I have felt his presence in all of my movements.

Chapter 6:
It is important to be continually growing in my spiritual walk. While in chapter 5 it mentions the need to be on solid food instead of milk, chapter 6 really stresses this point. It has really encouraged me to stop wasting time and really focus on things. This was great reminder as I have spend most of the day doing not much of anything. While I am not sure this will change too fast, I am challenged by this chapter to continue to grow and mature. It also challenges me to challenge those in my flock to grow and move onto solid food.

God is good. All the time. I have found as I am reading through the New Testament that God is providing me with a fresh look on his living Word and challenging me anew every day.

God Bless!

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